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Welcome to Anchor Bay Counseling Center, Spooner, WI

Where Hope Has a Home.

Providing hope is the essence of what makes therapy the best profession to be in. (I am biased of course) I remember a long time ago being given a simple challenge by a wise professor. “Darren, your job is to give people hope” and that is why Anchor Bay exists. To instill hope.  


The promise of Anchor Bay is to provide you with clinically excellent services. Whether it is for marital, family or individual issues, you will find compassion and hope to be present throughout your therapy journey.  

So if you are tired of having the same marital issues, tired of feeling depressed or anxious or tired of the wayward child who has taxed your patience, I invite you to contact our office to see how Anchor Bay can help.   

Tele-health is now available. Click here for more information.

Darren Cox

Founder, Anchor Bay Counseling

What is Anchor Bay all about? Being fully alive. Standing beside people as they grow and change. Overcoming difficulty. Revealing a life of purpose. Discovering hope...

Darren Cox pc: Kara Vincent Art
Anchor Bay Counseling Spooner Hayward Rice Lake


We have this hope as an anchor for the

soul, firm and secure



Call us to set up an appointment: 715-939-1393

Anchor Bay Christian Counseling


One-on-one sessions that help you overcome, adapt, adjust or simply learn to cope.


Resolve conflicts and create a healthier, stronger relationship.  Here you will learn what develops real, lasting marital connection.

Anchor Bay Marriage Couseling


Get help working through difficult behavioral  issues and other challenges.  Learn to develop the relationship with your teen that promotes honesty, accountability and connection.

Anchor Bay Biblical Counseling

Christian Counseling

Bibllically based services combined with clinical excellence.

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