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Anchor Bay Is Now Offering Services Via Tele-Health

Given the current order of shelter at home, Anchor Bay is now offering services via Tele-health. This will enable us to maintain a semblance of continuity during these times and support our clients if they are unable to attend face to face. From now until the week of April 6th, Tele-health will be our primary mode of delivery with face to face sessions resuming as conditions dictate. Our clients will have the choice from here forward to use Tele-health or in office based upon their needs. For those of you not familiar with Tele-health, it utilizes current technology of either a home computer with a camera and microphone or your smart phone to stay connected. There is no software to download and the entire process has work well to date. In addition it is also secure and HIPPA compliant.

I must admit that I was hesitant to begin Tele-health because I firmly believe in the face to face model and its effectiveness. However given our current climate and the fact most have high speed internet I have been impressed with the process and outcomes. Feel free to contact the office at 715-939-1393 if you have additional questions. Anchor Bay

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