• Darren Cox

New Beginnings

New Beginnings. I have never been one to believe in mid-life crises as I often just thought it was a built in societal excuse to scratch a wild itch. But here I am at 46 walking away from a good career with people I genuinely care about to go out on my own and start Anchor Bay Counseling Center. I go to bed thinking to myself, "this is super cool and I can't wait to get started" only to wake up and think, "you're an idiot, what are you doing?" Our tendency is to live in the shallow end of the pool because, the shallow the end is the safe place to be. We spend our years in safety never fully realizing we were meant for open oceans, not kiddie pools.

God never called us to be safe. He calls us to get out of the boat, leave our home, pick up our cross and follow him. He doesn't say where we are going only that He is with us. So Anchor Bay may be a new beginning for me but regardless of the outcome, I know who has lead me, will sustain me, will guide me and whom I exist to honor. Where will your New Beginning take you? Only God knows, but as John Ortberg once said, " to walk on the water, you have to first get out of the boat."



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