• Darren Cox

Lay Me Down

I must admit I love naps and when I heard the song title "Lay Me Down" in church this last Sunday, i thought about a nice long nap. The problem is the song writer never imagined my nap as the crux of his song and fortunately for me, my focus quickly shifted from taking a siesta to seeking God. Truer words have never been spoken and it is simply this. " I lay me down, I'm not my own, I belong to you alone, hand on my heart this much is true, there is no life apart from you." If i trust God with my life, why don't I trust him with my day?

I was once challenged by a wise pastor who said, "our ability to trust God is directly tied to how well we know Him. Knowing God is not some mystical cosmic pursuit only attained through great intellect or spiritual sacrifice. Rather it is an opportunity for any and all who will lay down life their way and make it His way. it is about laying down my will and exchanging it for His perfect will.

So what do you need to lay down? plans? career? money? prestige? reputation? wayward spouse? I promise you you will never regret shaping your life to fit God's plans. That place of His perfect will is where I want to Lay Me Down.


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