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  • Darren Cox

Take Care Now

I once had a boss whose closing remarks often included the line "take care now." But what exactly does this mean?? Does it mean the conversation is over and I have to go? Does it mean, blah blah blah, hurry up so I can get back to what I was doing before you interrupted me? Is it a polite way of moving on with the next task or project? Or does it mean I genuinely care about you? I think for most, the "take care" commencement line has nothing to do with care and more to do with a common expression that really means nothing.

But do you care? When you ask how someone is doing or how was your weekend or how is the family, are you prepared for what may come next? It reminds me of one of the all time

great movies, The Princess Brides. Princess Buttercup is forced to marry the evil Prince Humperdink and rather than spend her life with him, she decides to end her life. Here is what follows:

The King in essence says, "take care now" and completely misses her point and pain. The longer I work in this field, the more I am aware of how our world is lost and hurting. To impact others, you must first place people over policy. You must be willing to get dirty and share in the struggle with others. You must first care. So my challenge to you all after you watch, The Princess Brides, is to look for a chance this next week to genuinely demonstrate that you care. Volunteer, open doors, say good morning, mow your neighbors grass rather than complain how long it is, pay it forward in the drive through line, send a card to your mom, go play cribbage with your aged neighbor. I don't care what you do just do it and when you leave and say, "take care now," we will all know you meant it.

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