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  • Darren Cox

Stuck In A Swamp

This last week has been interesting to say the least. While cutting wood on Saturday, I ruptured my Achilles and had surgery 3 days later. I am now in a cast and have instructions that I am to put no weight on that foot for up to 8 weeks. Now anyone that knows me knows that I don't do well with idle time and sitting around with nothing but the television remote is my definition of torture.

So in a moment of brilliance, I decided I would help my son Cody with a project he has been working on that involved driving him on the 4 wheeler to the far edge of our property. What I did not count on was getting my 4 wheeler buried in a swamp. There I sit, in a swamp with no way of getting myself out. I couldn't walk, didn't want swamp water infecting my incision and had no way of saving myself. Long story short, with the aid of some crutches, which by the way, don't work well in a swamp, I crawled my way out with a few bug bites, a wet good foot and no pride.

As I have reflected on this helpless moment it reminds me of the cross of Christ. As I stand before Him, I am completely helpless. I have nothing to offer, nothing that I can do on my own and no way of using strength, wisdom or cunning to get my way out of this jam called sin.

My saving grace yesterday was aid of my son and wife. They didn't laugh or lecture, they simply carried my weight when I fell and told me how good I looked crawling through the mud. My saving grace before God almighty is Jesus Christ. He not only bore my sins, He carried me out. I have heard it said before that religion is just a crutch for those who are weak minded. Consider me weak minded because my crutch has a name and it's Jesus.

#grace #sinsalvation

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