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  • Darren Cox

New Beginnings Again

In a few months, I will complete the first year of Anchor Bay and boy has it been a ride. People ask me all the time how things are going and my answer is the same, " I am blessed" I have felt God's blessing upon Anchor Bay from the beginning and although not without hardships, I am so glad I followed His leading into the great unknown.

As we begin year two I am excited to announce that Anne Focht will be joining me at Anchor Bay. I have worked with Anne for years and have long admired her for her professionalism, sense of humor and commitment to being a wife/mom first, therapist second. She approached me last fall about the possibility of coming on board and it was a really easy decision. Therapists like Anne do not fall from trees and her professionalism and commitment to excellence will be a welcome addition to Anchor Bay. She will be starting in June and we are hard at work getting her on board with all the insurance panels.

As I sit her reflecting upon the last year, I am still in awe that all this has come together. I am blessed with a great office in the perfect location for a mental health clinic. The schedule has stayed full and opportunities for growth continue to be presented and now I get the chance to work with a respected colleague and expand the services of Anchor Bay.

Welcome to Anchor Bay Anne.

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