• Darren Cox

Here's my heart Lord

I have been playing this song most mornings as a way to start my day. I don’t like watching the news so rather than have the television on, our house starts off with praise music. This song is a prayer but also an offering. When I say, “here’s my heart Lord” I am inviting him to look at that which I am ashamed and hide. I am inviting him into my brokenness in an effort to find wholeness. It is a wonderful exchange. My anxiety for His peace. My anger for His calm, my dark for His light. It reminds me of when I was a kid and my grandfather lived with us. We had this cool little agreement that I would offer him a quarter and he would exchange it for a dollar. What a deal: go in with little and come out with more. It was never a good deal for my grandfather but somehow I don’t think he cared. He was just happy to spend time with me and it if cost him 75 cents so be it. God’s choice to spend eternity with me cost Him His son. The least I can do in return is to give him my heart.

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